My life here has been filled with research and traveling. I am leaving soon, but I wanted to conclude this blog with one observation I have been keeping track of my entire time here. This is the way companies use Swiss-made products and Swiss quality to advertise. See the pictures below from lattes to tshirts to magazines (red spines) to sugar to fast food.







There is a huge push in Swiss grocery stores, restaurants, etc. to buy Swiss grown vegetables. In the grocery stores, it is actually hard to find vegetables from other places, but if I do they are from Spain or Italy.  However, I wonder what happens in the winter when it is too cold to grow most of this stuff here.


On a side note Organic (Bio) options are almost always available and, in the case of soy milk, can even be cheaper than the product that is not Swiss and not organic (below). ( I still haven’t figured out why/how there was that large of a difference. They are both 1 L)


The companies could be using the association of Switzerland with quality (If you go into any tourist trap you are sure to see ‘quality’ watches, pocket knives, and chocolate). The sign below is on all  trams I have seen in Switzerland. Notice the Swiss flag next to quality.


It could  be politics that I am not familiar with. It could also be partially due to Swiss pride.  Overall I wonder how it works out environmentally, because the Swiss are funding their own economy and saving in money and in emissions to transport food in from over the place.

Anyway, this has been an amazing experience and if you too are an exchange student going to ETH or even Switzerland, do not hesitate to contact me with questions!

Cheers and thanks for reading!


P.S. I also noticed that the zoo is really outwardly honest about environmental cruelty (I first noticed this when I saw a little girl scream in disgust at a sign that had turtles being cooked for soup on it to show why that type is endangered). I found the signs below. The tire one even talks about how many cars are in Switzerland in particular. There was a lot more too but some was lost in translation. These you can distinguish the message without reading. I want to compare this to the Indianapolis zoo next time I go.

tire 3




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