I am an Environmental and Ecological Engineering (EEE) major at Purdue University who managed to travel to Zurich, Switzerland. I am here officially to study in Dr. Kris McNeill’s Environmental Chemistry lab for 10 weeks, but this experience will obviously entail more than just work. I do not speak (Swiss)German (I can now say ‘danke’ which I need to say a lot). I do not speak Italian. I know BASIC French. I was told MOST people here speak English along with the three official languages aforementioned (which makes me feel like a slacker). Also, I have never been outside of the US. With this sort of starting point, I am sure you can imagine the situations I might get myself into. I can too, and I am quite excited to see what happens next. Join me as I compare environmental customs here to the US and simply experience Switzerland with an open mind.



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